“By far the best tool for any production volume”

The filmmakers lean, mean production machine

PRODUCER assists ambitious filmmakers, creatives, storytellers and teams to get full control in managing the complexity of developing and executing a successful production.

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A suite of digital tools to manage all stages of production, in one place.

By breaking down the production process into five key stages, PRODUCER supports and assists you on the complete overview of the entire filmmaking process.


The genesis of your project

The development stage is the genesis of your project. Start your story creation by drafting the concept, upload your preliminary budget, and invite your team, film-crew, agency and client. Create a moodboard to define your creative look & feel as you shape the film in the all powerful storyboard that is connected to all facets of production.  With the storyboard editor you press play and it becomes the ultimate pitching tool for an unfair advantage.

1st Payment


Preparing the playing field

Once all the story elements are in place, pre-production fun can begin. Cast, select and book the perfect talent. Upload and share your desired locations with the production coordinator. Organize and plan your shooting schedule and hire your beloved cinematographer while shotlists automatically populate, schedules are generated and call sheets are emailed from within PRODUCER. Production has never before made so much sense.

Line Producer
Shot List
Shooting Days
2nd Payment


Standing by, Sound, Camera, Action

The Production stage is where the rubber meets the road. Where you put the idea up for measure. Here all stakeholders stay informed of the latest schedule, location changes and progress on the shotlist. Always up-to-date with actual information so that your crew members and various departments stay informed. The easy to access flow of information dramatically reduces stress levels and helps your crew to stay on schedule for maximum screen-time performance.

Shooting Day 1
Shooting Day 2
Shooting Day 3
Shooting Day N


Stimulate feedback conversations

Now your content has been edited and is ready for viewing. Upload your first rough cut, annotate and collaborate with your team and clients on the files that matter most. Spend less time chasing updates from multiple sources of information, and keep all your comments, review, and step validation in one place.

Prepare Edit
1st Rough Cut
Motion Design
1st Correction
2nd Correction
Picture Lock
Final Sound Mix
Color Grading
Final Film


That's a wrap

You made it! Once the film is finalized and approved, it's time to publish. Remember the essential documentation cast agreements, music rights, ownership agreements, your saving grace and all your information centralised. Now make your final film available for download in all the right formats.... ready to be admired by the world.

3rd Payment
Rights Ownership
Rushes Archive
Picture of the author
“By far the best tool for any production volume.”
Marco Valpiani
Filmmaker | Sehfeld Film AG

Packed with features


Beautiful storyboards and shot list

Create your story with our intuitive storyboard builder and detail your shots with invaluable technical information.

Export in the widely accepted PDF format

Share your story with clients, agencies and crew

Organize your shot list effortlessly

Call sheet

Create, send and keep track

PRODUCER extracts all relevant information from your project to create your call sheet; tweak if needed and share with your team.

Generate your call sheet instantaneously

PRODUCER mails a copy to every crew member

Track, read by whom and rsvp


Online review for better feedback

Avoid endless email clutter; comments on PRODUCER are transformed into your to-do list.

Frame specific commenting

Illustrate your comment with drawings

Asset Manager

Easy access to all your media

All your assets, centralized!

Store, organize and find your digital assets (script, mood boards, films, audios, etc.)

Easily share files with internal and external stakeholders

Store film assets and make downloads available to media partners

Xaver Walser, Paul-Emile Joëssel and Thomas Gassoul

Our story

Based on true events

April 2020 Zurich, Switzerland, Xaver and Paul-Emile came to the realization that there were lots of generic point to point solutions, however no clear end-to-end dedicated platform. Filmmakers were in need of a cloud-based tool for filmmakers - by filmmakers, where they could have the entire production, all at one glance.

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We are more than a software

You don’t have to do it alone. PRODUCER’s customer support and services teams are here to answer your questions, help you master the production process, and make sure you’re getting the most out of your tools. All that — plus our detailed help documentation, educational resources, and training programs — means you’ll never feel left out in the cold.

Product Roadmap

April 2020

In the midst of Covid, we started building PRODUCER to facilitate management of remote productions.

November 2020

After a few months of designing and coding, we put PRODUCER to the test on real-life projects.

March 2021

The full production process was implemented. We released alpha 1 internally to handle film projects in its entirety.

September 2021

After 25 film projects were completed on PRODUCER, and the team having brought a buckets of insights, we were ready to release alpha 2.

Q4 2021

Private Beta release; external users can now join PRODUCER on invitation.

Q1 2022

The first Early Access users to be invited to join PRODUCER and start a new era in film production.

Q2 2022

Full public release - Eureka baby.