Our story - based on true event

Working as a filmmaker is like having a rock in your shoe... and you got used to the pain.

Xaver Walser
Xaver Walser

Director Xaver Walser was one of those that were not willing to accept the rock concept and always believed there had to be a better way to organize filmmaking and structure the process. In 2017, the head of the Richmond Group’s Watch Department Georges Kern approached him to help find a solution to manage film productions for eight luxury watch brands simultaneously. Xaver started intensifying his search for a solution quickly realizing that there was no clear solution to the problem.

Paul-Emile Joëssel
Paul-Emile Joëssel

Tech entrepreneur Paul-Emile Joëssel likes to solve problem with real impact on the world, always taking the technology highway. Working alongside filmmakers, he came to the conclusion that their old habits were destructive and incredibly counter-productive. Cards were tumbling at such an alarming rate that the sound was deafening. Paul-Emile realized something huge was wrong and analog needed to be digitalized.

Both Xaver and Paul-Emile had an entrepreneur mentality and understood what it meant to build a scalable business. The chaotic nature of film productions were overwhelming and they felt the urge to do something significant about it.



The team at work
The team at work

April 2020 Zurich, Switzerland, Xaver and Paul-Emile came to the realization that there were lots of generic point to point solutions, however no clear end-to-end dedicated platform. Filmmakers were in need of a cloud-based tool for filmmakers - by filmmakers, where they could have the entire production, all at one glance. They first co-founded OTAKUS, a film production company to test their theory. 'Otakus', in Japanese, translates to 'having an unhealthy obsession for story telling'. Otakus started experimenting on real commercial film projects and that’s when the web application PRODUCER came to reality: to guide and facilitate filmmakers to produce emotional stories, by taking the work out of filmmaking and let the focus stay on creativity.

Otakus started experimenting with the 'cool idea' on real commercial film projects and that’s when the web application PRODUCER came to reality: to guide and facilitate filmmakers to produce emotional stories, by taking the work out of filmmaking and let the focus stay on creativity.


Marco Valpiani

As they focused their energy on fine-tuning the solution, they approached award-winning producer Marco Valpiani. He willingly shared his wealth of knowledge and pointed out that even within his own world of documentary and feature films existing problems were being addressed.

Marco joined the team and is now our greatest advocate and ambassador, adding strength to the team with his deep knowledge of film making.




The first minimum viable product (MVP) promo version of PRODUCER came online. Of course their production company Otakus got the opportunity to be the first to test PRODUCER effectively on a commercial for Audi Switzerland. Despite the bugs and headaches, this first trial proved that the software solved a huge issue. All communication data were now centralized around projects. Everything from creating the storyboard, call-sheet, locations, shot-list, shooting days, and every step of post-production were now in one place. Even the final films were successfully transferred and downloaded from PRODUCER. Effective communication within the software between client, agency, and production company. A huge milestone for this little Swiss software company from Zurich.


Patrick Lambertz
Patrick Lambertz

The acceleration continued with Patrick Lambertz joining the team. With over 15 years of experience in the film industry, Patrick understood the problem PRODUCER was solving. His strong entrepreneurial spirit mixed with disruptive innovativeness was exactly what the founder friends were looking for.


Close up of Producer on iPad
Your storyboard, everywhere

PRODUCER picked up momentum and won a startup booth at the world’s largest technology gathering: The Web Summit in Lisbon. Parallel they also on-boarded their first feature film with the hugely successful Ascot Elite Entertainment. For renowned film producer Daniela Berther, the added value PRODUCER brought to her film, was clear. A centralized organized workflow, a place for everything. Something that structures the filmmaking process. Where you and all your stakeholders can see everything at any point throughout the production.

Logo producer white

See, PRODUCER is the heart of your project. Everything and everybody moves in support of the story…. in an organized way. From the moment you have the first idea of your story, to creating, sharing, organizing, reviewing, downloading. The story grows in front of your eyes, up to the moment people see your movie.

Now one and a half years into this journey the founders, Xaver and Paul-Emile, invite you to be one of the first 500 users who will get back the fun of filmmaking. An unmatched solution, that is truly the answer to the problem. And PRODUCER … it's just so much fun.